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E-Currency Company Formation

Today, practically anyone with $10k to $20k can start an e-currency company like Paypal. Institutions often dream about running their own e-currency company, managing large sums of money, and processing payments all over the globe. For the uninitiated, the first step toward setting up a e-currency company is getting a better grasp on what exactly a e-currency company is and what it is not.

Our extensive knowledge of the payment processing business, as well as industry contacts, enables us to provide clients with insights on industry trends and current market/business practices. Each client relationship is approached on an individualized basis, taking into account the specific circumstances applicable to the client and their expressed preferences.

Key areas of our consultation:

  • Choosing a right jurisdiction for the payment processor
  • Technology & Security solutions
  • Obtaining license (Offshore/Onshore)
  • Company procedures including AML & KYC policies
  • Marketing your e-currency
  • Establishing partnership with merchants & retail businesses
  • Revenue forecast