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Co-Branded Debit Cards

We specialize in delivering reloadable debit card merchant programs customized exclusively for online brokerage and financial service industry.

We work with banks that enable a diversified group of companies to offer prepaid debit programs to their clients or employees.

What is co-branding?

Co-branded cards are designed with “Your Brand” as the dominant brand represented on the card but also has the MasterCard™ or Visa™ logo and hologram (and may also name the issuing bank). Co-branding is more than just that – it’s a partnership between MasterCard™ or Visa™, “Your Brand”, and our company. This results in increased card usage, higher spending levels, efficient marketing opportunities, and higher satisfaction and value for customers.

Customized card packages for your brokerage or other financial services company

As a merchant you receive private-label, flexible and secure debit cards with a robust back-end management system. Reloadable debit cards deliver seamless integration with any ATM machine or any retailer where you see an Visa®,  Maestro®, Cirrus® or INTERAC® logo globally.

Merchant packages include:

  • Your own merchant bank account
  • Your own BIN
  • Your own graphics/company logo

Easy to use Merchant interface for companies

We make it easy for merchants to manage their card programs. Through the secure Internet merchant interface, merchants and corporate clients can:

  • Track and monitor online spending
  • Manage cardholder profiles, cards, and BINs
  • In-depth reporting options
  • Batch load cards for mass payment
  • Easy & Flexible payment to any of their clients