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Offshore Banking

Upon formation of a company or trust quite often one of the first requirements is to establish a bank account.


Offshore Banking

Many traditional offshore banking jurisdictions have developed into highly reputable and regulated international banking centers with unrivalled technical expertise. The level of regulation and investor protection is often equivalent or indeed greater than many onshore centers.
Most leading banking groups have firmly established operations offshore, providing services specifically geared towards the international and offshore community. A host of reputable private banks, who boast a long history of providing attentive personal service, continue to operate in the offshore banking centers with discreet and often very complex banking products.



Once the decision has been reached as to the most appropriate jurisdiction for your offshore company and the preferred banking group to use then there is usually a substantial amount of information required for bank applications and compliance. YourOwnBrokerage is well acquainted with the various banks requirements and can guide you through this with as little disruption as possible ensuring that the account is opened as quickly as possible although it should be noted that complex arrangements can take a little longer.

Banking Administration

Offshore banking is now a modern business and technology such as e-banking has assisted in the speed and accuracy of services provided.