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Panama Payment Processor License

This is a Panama registered stock corporation holding a license from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry to engage in services such as:

  • Payment Processing
  • Factoring
  • Leasing
  • Precious Metals Trading
  • Bill collecting and related services
  • Foreign Currency Trading
  • Debit & Credit Cards
  • Trading in Gold, Silver, Platinum

The company can further engage in any lawful enterprise, but the license is specific to the activities listed above. The most important activity for most clients is the Payment Processing. With this license, the company can demonstrate to any bank or other institutions and authorities, that the company is authorized to manage third party funds in its accounts.

Many banks these days require that a company can demonstrate origin of funds and beneficial ownership. A company with third party funds in its account and no government issued license to show that demonstrates that it is authorized to hold and process such funds, will risk having its accounts frozen. This entity has proven indispensable for use in conjunction with licensed offshore bank entities.

YourOwnBrokerage is fully equipped to assist you in applying for your Panama Payment Processor License. We will ensure the license is acquired in timely and professional manner with as little stress to the application as possible. Our highly experience consultants can also provide advice on how to comply with the relevant regulatory body and how to manage your firm in accordance with the necessary laws.