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Honk Kong MSO (Money Service Operator) License

We, are expertise in providing professional services to clients in relation to apply MSO (Money Service Operator) license and compliance with the AMLO requirements. We have assisted more than 5 money remittance companies in Hong Kong (foreigner owned) to apply and obtain the MSO license successfully .

We provide one-stop-shop MSO business operations services which from setting up an appropriate company, applying for a MSO license, preparing and submitting the statutory reports, to handling audit and investigation of the relevant authorities or banks etc.

Our Services Includes:

  • Assist in applying for / renewing the Hong Kong Money Service Operator (“MSO”) license
  • Assist the Compliance Officer and / or Money Laundering Reporting Officer to comply with the relevant regulations
  • Assist in handling the statutory reporting matters
  • Assist in monitoring customers and transactions
  • Provide customer and transaction data and record input services
  • Provide risk management and other training according to statutory requirements.
  • Provide independent Compliance consultation and review
  • Provide independent Compliance Policy / System health check or audit


In order to apply for MSO License, the company should be registered in Hong Kong and have a shop / office with employee (Compliance Officer).

Our team will assist you in registering the company and opening a bank account. Please be aware, that all the directors and shareholders must be present for bank account opening. Remote account opening service is not available.

The company shall then apply for the license which will take approximately 1 – 2 months for the approval.

We provide comprehensive supports to MSO with the compliance of the relevant regulations: From providing a money changer system delegated to meet the requirements of the HK Customs, providing internal compliance handbook, assisting the Compliance / Money Laundering Reporting officers, staff training, due diligence, customer background check and risk management.

The license will be valid for 2 years and a licensee should apply for renewal not later than 45 days before the license is due to expire.

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