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Belize Payment Processor License

Money Transmission Services can be carried on in or from within Belize as an International Financial Service company. Any person or corporate entity who intends to provide such international services in or from within Belize must apply to the Director General of the Commission for a license in accordance with the regulations under the International Financial Services Commission Act Chapter 272 of the Laws of Belize.

A proper “due diligence” on the application is conducted by the License Registered Agent before forwarding it to the Director General of the Commission. Any person or corporate entity who has management with the requisite knowledge and expertise of the business to be carried on and has at least one director resident in Belize, or any person designated as fit and proper person for this purpose by the Commission may qualify for such a license. A company that carries on Money Transmission Services in or from within Belize pays no taxes on profits so long as all its services are provided outside of Belize.

YourOwnBrokerage is fully equipped to assist you in applying for your Belize Payment Processor License. We will ensure the license is acquired in timely and professional manner with as little stress to the application as possible. Our highly experience consultants can also provide advice on how to comply with the relevant regulatory body (IFSC) and how to manage your firm in accordance with the necessary laws.