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Cyprus Forex License (CySEC)

An FX Brokerage Firm licensed by the CySEC can offer investment services, establish representative offices or establish fully-operational branches in any desired location within the European Union (EU) without any additional requirements from that (host) EU State, whilst being supervised from CySEC, in Cyprus, directly.

Our services includes:

  • Registration of a Forex Trading Company in Cyprus
  • Company Certificate
  • Preparing of all required documents
  • Applying for Cyprus Forex License
  • Obtaining CYSEC license
  • Preparing of all required documents
  • Company Certificate
  • Memorandum of Articles
  • Shareholder Certificate
  • Registered Office address in Cyprus
  • Registered Company Secretary Services
  • All original documents send to your address of choice

Forex Trading Company License

There is an initial administrative cost of EUR 8.000 that extends to EUR 10.000 or EUR 15.000 and up to EUR 50.000 depending on the case.

Capital Requirements for licensing

  • Forex Brokerage Firms providing only advice and order transmissions require a share capital of EUR 80.000.
  • Forex Brokerage Firms operating only as Broker / Agent require a share capital of EUR 200.000.
  • Forex Brokerage Firms providing all services and handling third party funds require a share capital of EUR 2.000.000.

To order or request more information about the registration and to apply for a Forex Trading Company with a CYSEC license, please email us at